A Little Levity

Just too funny…

Another example of form over substance…



…so much for gravitas. 

As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon!”

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From the First Press Conference


Soon to be President Obama:

The No. 1 priority, Obama said, is to get Congress to approve an economic stimulus plan that would extend jobless benefits, send food aid to the poor, dispatch Medicaid funds to states and spend tens of billions of dollars on public works projects. If the plan is not approved this month, in a special session of Congress, Obama said that “it will be the first thing I get done as president of the United States.”


The first thing I’m gonna do is spend the taxpayers’ money.  If you don’t have a job, I’m gonna get you more unemployment; if you don’t have food, I’m gonna get you food; if you can’t get Medicaid, I’m gonna get it for you so you can go to the doctor.  And last, but not least, I’m gonna spend tens of billions of tax dollars on public transportation so that if you don’t have a car, you can get where ever you need to go.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free…AND I’LL GET THEM UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT BENEFITS.

But you have to vote for me in the next election…or I might have to hurt you.

Quote of the Day


“Capitalism and communism stand at opposite poles. Their essential difference is this: The communist, seeing the rich man and his fine home, says: ‘No man should have so much.’ The capitalist, seeing the same thing, says: ‘All men should have as much.’ “

–Phelps Adams

Big Brother Home for Good in Mother UK

The Belfast Telegraph is reporting that new government efforts to curb terrorism will result in data collection of every internet hit or email delivery.

Read more here.

If you want to know what a girl is going to look like when she gets older, take a hard look at her mother.

And if you want to get a good look at Big Brother, read more Orwell. 

He was right.

Pulling the Plug on Religious Freedom

The battle rages on.

No, I’m not talking about Iraq or Afghanistan.

Fox News is reporting one battle for religious freedom taking place on the doorstep of the nation’s capital.  In Washington, DC the parents of a 12-year old boy are fighting the hospital’s efforts to remove him from life support after doctors declared him dead on Tuesday. 

In the District of Columbia, the law provides for hospitals to declare death when there is no brain activity.  The hospital is awaiting a ruling from the DC Superior Court to procede with its plan to disconnect the boy’s ventilator and discontinue the medical treatment that is keeping his heart beating.

But the parents, who are Orthodox Jews, argue that the hospital’s determination to remove life support infringes upon their freedom to exercise their religion.  Their attorney Jeffrey Zuckerman, spoke to the Washington Post: 

Under Jewish law and their faith, there is no such thing as brain death.  Their religious beliefs are entitled to respect. 

However, according to Sofia Smith, one of the boy’s physicians,  

“This child has ceased to exist by every medical definition,” adding that she and her staff members are “distraught at what is providing futile care to the earthly remains of a former life.”

Once again we find the conflict over what, or who, defines life.

Once again, the scientific medical community uses its definition to attempt to force people with faith-based views of life and death to accept its judgment and subsequent rationale for providing or witholding medical services.

This doctor is “distraught”?  The truth is that she is more concerned about her own feelings and the feelings of her staff as they continue to provide care to “a child [who] has ceased to exist…to the earthly remains of a former life.” 

Outrageous.  Highly insensitive.  But not surprising.

After all, an unborn child has become merely a “byproduct of conception”  until it is capable of surviving on its own outside its mother’s womb.

And now medical doctors are beginning to extend that definition to those who need life support…especially if those patients are never going to be like they once were…especially if they are going to need that support until they take their last breath. 

According to the doctor, this child has “ceased to exist.”

But the parents would disagree, arguing that they are required by their faith to provide care for their child until his life has ended. 

And by their definition, it’s not over.

Nonetheless, the doctor wants to exercise her choice to withhold care because she is uncomfortable about providing such “futile” treatment because it will not result in restoring the child to “life” by her definition.

So who gets to make this choice?  The doctor…or the people who loved and cared for this child for his entire existence?

We should all fear the answer to this question.  We should all fear becoming ill or dependent on anyone who has the power to define for us what life is… or isn’t.  

We should all fear that someone is going to pin the “earthly remains” or “former life” label on us should we ever become incapable of speaking or communicating.

And we have so much to lose if they do, both individually and corporately. 

They will use euphemisms like “earthly remains”, “byproducts of conception” and “choice” to shield themselves from selfish decisions that infringe on other’s rights.  And they will decide who lives…and who dies…based, as in this case, on the seeming futility of providing medical care for someone incapable of responding in a scientifically “appropriate” way.

And this is the real danger for all of us.  Because if we allow only science to create the definition of what life is, then by default, it can create the definition of what life isn’t.

The Nazis did. 

And The Holocaust continues to haunt us.

Because with science, the definitions always change.  What we know is always eclipsed by what we don’t know.  And the more we learn, the less we find we truly understand.

In short, scientific definitions evolve.  They can change with new discoveries. 

And they often do.  Technology continues to develop.  Who can say what we will know ten, twenty, fifty years from now that will enable us to reach beyond the seeming lack of brain activity to find evidence of life that we cannot discern today despite our great scientific advancements?

Today’s medical definition of life relies upon technology that becomes rapidly obsolete.

But faith does not.  

A spiritual definition of life provides hope and a sense of purpose, even when all appears to be lost…or dead.  And constant, unwavering faith practiced, even in the shadow of death, provides comfort and meaning to those who are grieving. 

And let’s not forget, miracles do, sometimes, occur. 

And when they do, they are often the result of prayer and faith.  But you won’t find those definitions in a medical dictionary.

However, you will find them both, in practice, on the battlefield.  And this is a battle to be sure. 

Losing the right to practice faith in death may well result in losing the right to practice it in life. 

But if that occurs, faith will not be the only casualty of science.

Singing the Blues Amerika Finds Itself in the Red

In today’s UKTimes, Daniel Finkelstein writes about the reasons why Americans voted for Barack Obama as President of the United States.  His primary premise is that America itself is richer, smarter and less white.

Let’s ponder that statement for a moment. 

Nope, I’m not buying all of it.

America on Election Day was decidedly poorer than it was in 2004 when George W. Bush was elected President.  In fact, the Committee for a Responsible Budget recently reported that U.S. budget deficit numbers hover near $1 trillion dollars.  According to an ABC News Report, this deficit represents the

highest level of federal red ink as a share of the overall economy of any US budget since the 1940s. For each household, this year’s deficit would pile on an extra $8,620 of federal debt.

So much for being us being richer.

As for being smarter, Americans chose to elect a man who, by his own admission, wants to “spread the wealth around.” 

But with a $1 trillion dollar deficit, there is not going to be much opportunity to use the tax code to create wealth here in America for a long time, especially with all of the economic promises made during the election cycle. 

And the sad fact is that many of the promises made during the campaign are sure to be broken as the harsh reality of our diminishing economy, and the global economy as a whole, become more and more evident to all of us.

Besides, our first priority should be to reduce government spending before we commit any additional federal dollars for new programs.  But we can only accomplish this task by cutting earmarks and reducing the size of government, two things which are unlikely to occur with overwhelmingly Democratic representation in both houses of Congress and in the Office of President.

The only way out is through economic growth, which cannot occur if capital gains taxes are not drastically reduced.  Without decreased taxation, American corporations are not incentivized to create new jobs.  And as the global economy continues its downward spiral, the American economy will also continue to suffer from lack of capital, increasing interest rates and growing deficits in international markets. 

We need to produce something the world wants.

And we need to figure out what that might be…quickly.  But the truth is that the entire world is in uncharted economic territory.  None of the stop-gap measures taken in any country have halted the economic skid. 

And nobody is buying anything right now.

But creating more government jobs is not a solution.  It is an act of inherent self-destruction. 

We tax ourselves more to create more jobs for which we tax ourselves more to keep our jobs.  Before long, we start to look a lot like…China…or Cuba.  Pick the communist country of your choice.

Which brings me to Finklestein’s last point:  America is less white. 

And I agree with him on this point: 

Amerika has become a red state.  She not only finds herself in the red financially, but she is in the red ideologically.   

Legislating and agressively promoting marxist economic policies, the Democrats have, in this election, purchased for themselves two years of our time and our money to use as they see fit with more Fannies, more Freddies, and far less accountability than ordinary citizens can even imagine. 

But the people of America have spoken.  They must really like the blues.

As for me, I’m seeing red. 

And I don’t like it.

Make a Prediction

Who will be next?


It's Getting Kind of Crowded under Here

Just give it time…we’ll all be under there.  h/t DP

Just Remember America…

what you didn’t see is also what you get:

Ayers, Dorne, Rezko, Auchi, al-Mansour, Farrakhan, Wright, Khalidi, Pritzker, Katz

red-starThe night has fallen.  And there’s a red star on the rise.

You thought we were fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But the real war is about to begin…right here in America.  Get ready for the fight of your life.

And pray for the dawn.


Threats, Elder Abuse and the Electoral Process

I took my mother to the doctor yesterday for a routine procedure, you know, one of those routine tests we all dread upon reaching a certain age.  I had reached that age myself about four years ago, having had the same procedure.  I swore I would never do it again when I remembered just how vile the prep was.

Drinking koolaid and spending a lot of time in the bathroom reminded me of the preparation for this election.  Let’s just say, politely, that it produced a lot of waste.

Just look at the number of illegal donations accrued and spent in the Obama campaign.  This is nothing short of obscene.  The fact that there is absolutely zero accountability for it is even more so, especially since the money was spent lavishly to elect a man who believes that it is my patriotic duty to pay more in taxes so that he can spend more and “spread the wealth around” to people who have not worked for it themselves.

If he truly believed it, he would have shared his resources with John McCain in order to be fair.  But fairness flies out the window when the liberals are the ones who are asked to share.  They only share what belongs to all of the rest of us:  our money.  They keep their own cash to use at their own discretion.  And then vote more of our money into their own pockets, so that they can tell us what they are going to do for us.  But only if we do what they want…which is to re-elect them.

But I digress.

We don’t really need a scope, as my mother and I did, to reveal several things that are very wrong with us.

Here are some troubling questions.

In recent years how many feminists have so willingly, so publicly bashed a member of their own gender with epithets like “she’s not a real woman” and “how  could she have brought a defective child into the world” just because she was named to run for political office? 

How many would be presidents have proclaimed that if a woman makes a mistake she shouldn’t be punished with a baby? 

How many black and white voters are voting for Barak Obama to “be a part of history” or to appease guilt over past wrongs?

How many people are voting against John McCain because he is “too old”?  or against Sarah Palin because she is “too Christian”?

How many people are voting to put more tax dollars in their pockets when they have not paid any taxes at all?

How many Jewish voters are “persuaded” by their grandchildren who “schlepped over” to encourage their older relatives in Florida to vote Obama?

Which brings me to the real issue that troubles me.

We have fissures.

Families are split.  Communities are divided.

The entire nation is fractured.

And it is divided along the lines of race, class, religion, gender…and age.

And because age has been raised as an issue in this election (and because both I and my mother had birthdays last week), I feel obligated to talk about it.  Our young people are going to face some very difficult decisons in years to come: decisions about how to allocate resources, how to provide medical care for aging and elderly parents and grandparents, how to preserve their own families while caring for the needs of those people who have cared for and supported them.

And when Social Security and Medicare go belly up, which they certainly will since no one in Congress has had the guts to attack the problems inherent in the system, it will be too late to bridge the yawing chasm between the young and the old. 

We can see the beginning of the fracture right now.  Already younger people are pressuring their elders to do what the younger people want. 

And the older people are caving.  Just look how many of them have been dumped and abandoned in assisted living facilities, moved out of their homes and deprived of their possessions by their “well meaning” children who are assuring only themselves that they are acting in their parents’ best interests.  After all, safety first….mom and dad just cannot be free to do as they please.  They might hurt themselves…or someone younger. 

But what is happening when the older people are dependent?

I am going to share something sobering I overheard in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.  This is the exact conversation between a woman, probably my age, and her senior citizen mother, who was, no doubt, undergoing the same procedure as my mother was.  Here it is:

Mother:  I am going to need you to take me to vote tomorrow.

Daughter:  I will, but only if you are not going to vote for McCain.  I’m not going to take you unless you are voting for Obama.

Does anyone else have a problem with this response?  Can I hear some outrage here? 

I wish I could say that I spoke up loudly to say, “I’ll take you!”  Or, “That’s elder abuse!” 

But though I was incensed about it, I lacked the courage to do it in front of the other two people who were also waiting in that room.  So I decided to write about it instead, knowing that I would have a much larger audience.

I just wonder how many other American citizens out there feel the same pressures.  Or hear the same kinds of threats from their own self-serving children.  Or who, by their own uncurbed excesses and self-indulgence, have been the example for their children’s and their politicians’ do-what-I-tell-you-to-or-else attitudes?

Could it be that we raise self-indulgent children and elect self-indulgent leaders because we want to indulge ourselves and eschew our personal responsibilities for our families…and for ourselves? 

I myself would not even dream of suggesting such a thing to my mother.  And neither of my children, now in their mid-twenties, would suggest such a thing to me. 

We know that we are free.  And we gladly accept the responsibilities associated with our liberty, even if it means that none of us get a cent from the federal government for retirement or medical care.

In fact, all of us would prefer not to. 

Because at the rate things are going, receiving any government monies may well lead to the ultimate demise of all freedom.  If you need evidence of that, look closely at any institution that accepts government funds. 

We need to consider what we have to give up in order to get it.  And don’t do it…no matter how much it costs us.

If only that poor woman in the waiting room had done so.  She might have been able to keep her voice…and her vote. 

Because many adult children, like that daughter, are going to cut their parents off just like the doctor cut off those growths that had the potential to kill my mother.  They are going to see their parents as a drain on the resources, a cancer that needs to be excised in order for the body to have a chance to survive.

After all, they rationalize, they want to live too.  And if they see the expense burdensome, many of them will try to push it off somewhere else…

Or silence it themselves.

But some of us, given the hard personal choice, would choose to be fiscally bankrupt and exercise our responsibilities rather than allowing ourselves to be morally bankrupt by avoiding our duties.  Consider it an “outgrowth” of our own freedom.

One we hope our own children will model for the next generation.

Who would have ever thought that a colonoscopy could reveal so much about all of us?

What the Brits are Seeing that America Isn’t…

From the London Times:

You gotta wonder about us.  Sometimes it’s good to listen to your mother….