Just Remember America…

what you didn’t see is also what you get:

Ayers, Dorne, Rezko, Auchi, al-Mansour, Farrakhan, Wright, Khalidi, Pritzker, Katz

red-starThe night has fallen.  And there’s a red star on the rise.

You thought we were fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But the real war is about to begin…right here in America.  Get ready for the fight of your life.

And pray for the dawn.



3 responses to “Just Remember America…

  1. God save the United States of America, of the Constitution and its founding Declaration.

  2. WOLVERINES! I’m not kidding…sad ain’t it?

    SOB STEALS an election with the most massive voter fraud and disenfanchisement campaign IN HISTORY and so the evil terror begins anew in America.

    Fascism redux from 30’s during the leftwing engineered depression is coming. Buy weapons, ammo, and gear. Get ready for whats to come.

  3. We saved the world from Hitler. There is no one to save us.

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