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The Right Road for America

Look at this morning’s screaming headlines from Gallup Polls:


World Citizens Prefer Obama to McCain by Nearly 4-to-1

Despite Approval of Bush, Africans Favor Obama

In Developed Asia, a Clear Preference for Obama

U.S. Neighbors Prefer Obama to Cain by 3-to-1 Margin

Japanese Back Obama Over McCain

Obama Favored in Key Muslim Countries


For Americans planning to vote in the election, these headlines should provide all the information we need!  Why does the rest of the world support Barak Obama?  What can these people see that we can’t?


I will say it.  They want us to be just like them.  


And now we have the chance to be.


And sadly, many of us think that we should be.  But let’s imagine, just for a moment, what that would look like.


We can have legitimate elections overturned and violent mobs roaming our streets.  We too can have marauding gangs setting fire to churches in our neighborhoods killing women and children (Kenya).


We can have our businesses taken over by the government and our farmers killed on their own property, disrupting our food supply so that people starve and agricultural scarcity becomes the norm (Zimbabwe).


We can have sharia law enacted throughout our entire courts system (Nigeria…and soon Britain).


We can have our unemployed cross borders and find jobs (Mexico).


We can have an inefficient, bureaucratic healthcare plan (Canada).


We can have the largest teen suicide rate in the industrialized world (Japan).


We can have homicide bombers blowing us up in markets and malls



We can have our women and our daughters veiled and subjected to beatings and honor killings (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan).


Is that what we really want?


Gallup touts itself as “The Power to Know–and Act on–What the World is Thinking.”  IF we assume that Gallup polling is legitimate, then we are the ones who should be thinking. 


We should not be voting for the man the world would choose for us as President of the United States. 


Because we are not like the rest of the world.


And if you don’t believe it, just ask any immigrant who left one of the above mentioned countries to come to America to live and to work.


We should know why they came here…and why so many of them die trying to get here every year. 


But familiarity breeds contempt.  And we have become quite contemptuous of our freedom, so much so that we are willing to sacrifice our unique identity among the nations in order to appear sensitive and responsive to geo-political forces pressuring us to conform to the rest of the world’s standards.


But our immigrants know what those standards are.  They know what life is like in those other places.  And they could answer our question.


They didn’t want to be citizens of the world.  They didn’t want to be like everyone else.


They wanted to be free.


And in America they could be…


So they chose us.


And today, we must also choose.


In this election, more than any other in recent history, America faces difficult decisions that will shape the identity of the nation for years to come:  more or less government…liberty or security…life or death…freedom or dependence….


We are at an ideological crossroad.  And if we turn Left, we may never return to this same crossing.


Because if we choose to be like the rest of the world and be swayed by its influence, the America we have known and loved will cease to exist.  And though the world would continue to turn, it would never be the same without the America, imperfect as it is, that provides a clear example of freedom, self-determination and opportunity to more people than anywhere else, no matter where you look all over the globe. 


And that would be a decided turn for the worse…not just for us, but for all people everywhere who dream of being one of us.


But today, we still have a choice about what road to take, just like our immigrant friends and colleagues did.


They chose to come to America…the land of the free.


In this election, we need to choose the same road. 


Or risk finding ourselves in another, very unfamiliar country.