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Obama Schleps over to Hawaii

To Grandmother’s House We Go…


The recent word on the street is that Barak Obama is hot on the heels of Andy Martin for his own Hawaiian schlepover with his ailing grandmother.  Canceling his campaign appearances Thursday and Friday, Obama is expected to arrive in Hawaii in time to help celebrate granny’s 86th birthday on Sunday.


Apparently, Obama is quite fond of “Toot,” as is demonstrated by the abundance of photos available of Toot with Barry, Toot with Barry and Michele, Toot with Barry, Michelle and the great-granddaughters.


What?  You say that no such photos exist?


The only photo that demonstrates his warm, fuzzy relationship with granny is a twenty-five year old picture?


But where is Michelle?  And where are the great-grandbabies?  And why aren’t they going with him to visit granny?


Oh, that’s right.  They were just there during their vacation…and they spent a whole hour with her.


The truth is that every grandmother wants to see her grandchildren…even if it is on her sickbed…just to have some comfort…and some company.


We pray that granny is truly on the mend from her broken hip.  But we heard the injury occurred when Barry threw her under the bus by referring to her as “a [white] woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion… uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.”


Wow.  Talk about public disclosure.  There is no mending that rift in the family fabric.


And while granny’s prognosis may be good for this injury, we don’t know if she will ever recover from her broken heart. 


Years of estrangement will do that to the stoutest soul.


But granny…beware. 


Opening your door to a wolf posing as your grandson can not produce a happy ending for you. 


And electing him president will not produce a happy ending for us either.


We’ve all been swallowed alive here.


We can only hope that Andy Martin will show up with his axe to set us free.