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Barak Obama: Just another one of us…?

Barak Obama would have all of us believe that he is just like us.  He knows how we feel…he has lived the way we live…he understands our struggles and because he does, we can have hope for the future because he knows what is best to cure the ills of our broken society so that we can all enjoy the change he will bring to our nation.


Let’s face it:  Barak Obama is so much like each of us.  Let’s look closely at all of the ways we are alike.


We had a rebellious, radical mother, who as a minor was involved with an older man from another race… from another entire continent, and we traveled with her, in utero of course, to meet his family.  We don’t know whether or not we were born there:  there is some confusion about which hospital we were born in.


But there is no confusion about what happened next.  Daddy dumped us to go to Harvard.  He had to do it:  It was the opportunity of a lifetime. 


And so we were left behind.


After he abandoned both of us, we traveled to Indonesia with a new daddy, and registered for school, just like any other child.  We were registered as Muslim because our stepfather was a Muslim.  And everyone knows that if your parent is a Muslim, then you are also a Muslim.


At some point, we left Indonesia to live with our grandparents in Hawaii.  Our mother abandoned us there while she spent years wandering around the globe with our sister.  We missed her…and hated her for leaving us there and taking our sister with her.


We felt lost…and unloved.


So we spent our high school years drifting in a smoky haze of drugs and radical ideas while sitting at the feet of poet and pedophile Frank Marshall Davis, listening over and over again to the rhythm of his traitorous words.  We were stoned, and we liked it.  We can’t remember anything else that happened.


After high school, we went off to Occidental College, and drifted some more.  No one remembers us there.  In fact, no one remembers a single thing about us.  We had no friends, other than two foreign roommates, and yet, when we applied for transfer to Columbia University, we, somehow, were accepted without reservation. 


We spent our summers organizing communities, hustling and agitating in the streets of Chicago, fostering discontentment and teaching race baiting.  After all, everyone deserves a fair share of America’s prosperity, even if he or she contributes little, or perhaps even nothing to the whole. 


We truly believe in this principle because on the streets, what you get is inversely proportionate to what you give. 


And just by a person’s mere existence, he is entitled to enjoy a piece of everything that other people have to work so hard to get, whether or not he is educated… or even working a job.  It’s only fair.  We live in one of the wealthiest nations on the earth.


America can afford it.  America is rich.


This “fairness doctrine” is the law of the streets.  It is fair to take what someone else has; using force to get it is even better.


What we wanted was power. Because on the streets, only the strong



So we registered 50,000… no 100,000… no 150,000 people to vote to be sure that those voices could be heard all the way to Washington.


After our graduation from Columbia, we applied to and were awarded admission into the best law school program in the country at Harvard.  And let’s not forget that we were named President of the Harvard Law Review during the then peak of minority admissions without having ever written anything for publication.


We spent our years there with…can we remember?  Somewhere along the way, we acquired a friend named Bill Ayers, and powerful patron named Tony Rezko, and a girlfriend. 


And after graduation, we went to work for the law firm that represented our patron, even though our high profile at Harvard should have resulted in a far more prestigious position.


Of course, neither Ayers nor Rezko or any of our other associations from that era, aside from our girlfriend-now-spouse, are at our side today, even though we hobnobbed with both men as we began our political careers, first in the Illinois legislature and then in the United States Senate.  We used hardball tactics to kick incumbents off the ticket so we could run unopposed. 


But we also used our terrorist friend and our slumlord employer to raise money for our campaigns.  But you must remember, Ayers and Rezko were not bad people when we knew them.  After all, Ayers is rehabilitated now even if he is unrepentant…and a respected teacher at a university.  We hope that this explanation will curb your questions, and if it doesn’t, well, hands off that subject.  We aren’t answering any more questions about it.


Our mortgages?  Well, we really don’t know how we got our mortgages for our two homes.  We just don’t know too much about how that process works, even though we have purchased two properties for our family in the past. 


But we have good ideas about how to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, especially since we know how to qualify for mortgages our income will not support.  After all, we had our own personal Fannie in Nadhmi Auchi, but you’ll have to ask Rezko about him.  We don’t really know anything about him or his dealings with our former campaign financier. 


Sigh…poor imprisoned Tony…he just wasn’t what we thought he was, even though we saw firsthand in our law practice the slums he created, freezing our brothers and sisters in the coldest Chicago winter in a hundred years for eight days in one of his apartment complexes with no working heat.


But we really didn’t care about that.  We knew that we could manipulate those poor souls, and countless others like them, into believing that we truly were one of them.  And once they believed it, they would give us the power we needed to achieve our political goals.


And then we could do whatever we wanted.


And today we are doing just that.  Now that we have applied for the job of President of the United States, we do not have to supply our qualifications to our potential employers, the people of the United States of America


We do not have to submit a birth certificate, or present college transcripts like everyone else in America who is applying for a job.  We do not have to submit our identity documents or undergo a background check or be asked challenging questions in our interviews to determine our fitness for employment.


We do not have to submit our medical records to verify our good health or submit to random drug testing.  


We all can get our jobs this way.


Answer me honestly:  Don’t we all have a life just like that? 


I know I don’t.


The reality of the situation is this:  The standards for Barak Obama have, and continue to be different…as they are for all minority candidates.


He is not like all of the rest of us.  He is a minority, entitled to be held to the minority standard…all the way to the White House.


Perhaps this tells us that Americans truly believe in affirmative action. 


Because today we have the quintessential affirmative action presidential candidate, not being considered for employment because he is truly qualified, but who is under consideration because he meets an employment quota, lest America targeted by the likes of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition.


He knows that his resume is thin, and that he is not truly qualified for the job…and by refusing to release his records, he clearly indicates that he does not want us arriving at the same conclusion.


But just in case we might consider employing John McCain, the threats have already begun.  Have you listened to Louis Farrakhan or Jesse Jackson lately?


More ominously, all of these things show us how Obama truly sees himself…and how he sees the America that needs him.    


He is The Agent of Change…The Hope for All America.


And to him, those are credentials enough.


But no other minority candidate I know has terrorists kicking off his campaign for public office or funding his campaign coffers, or writing his autobiographies, or soliciting funds for his mortgages from corrupt Iraqi businessmen like Nadmhi Auchi, or maintaining relationships with other, more shadowy figures whose influence over him is yet indeterminate.


Given all of these considerations, could we really be at fault for believing that Barak Obama is not truly like ANY of the rest of us, minority or otherwise?


After all, he is the one who constantly reminds us that he doesn’t look like us, and his name is not like ours either. 


But he does look like some of us. 


And because he does, we have given him the power he wanted because we had a dream…an American Dream.


Today that dream…our dream…is under siege.  


But unfortunately, most of us are not even aware that it has been attacked and exploited by an enemy intent on destroying us from within.


And while we are busy fighting the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, a quiet coup has occurred right here at home, and we don’t even see it. 


Using the power we have given to him, Barak Hussein Obama has hijacked the civil rights movement for his own cause…to fulfill his own dreams…and the Marxist dreams of his Kenyan father. 


No wonder his international endorsees include Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, Muammar Qaddafi, Mahmoud Ahmedinijad, Hamas, and FARC.


He has seized our imagination and captured our ideals.  And he is holding them hostage… to exchange for His Dream. 


And in doing so, Obama shows us that he is really not like any of us at all.


Only terrorists take hostages.


Saul Alinsky would be proud.